Sandra Gray completed her early training in tap, jazz and ballet in the Edmonton area. Sandra advanced her training in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Las Vegas studying with the greats such as Phil Black, Luigi, Gregory Hines, Gus Giordano, Frank Hatchett, Al Gilbert, and Brian Foley to name a few.

She danced professionally in musicals, light opera, dinner theatre and toured, choreographed and performed in a variety of shows and venues in Canada. As founder and owner of SGSD, for 47 years Sandra’s passion for dance was passed onto students and fellow colleagues. Many of her graduates are outstanding professionals performing, choreographing, teaching, or working in the dance or entertainment industry in various cities around the world. Sandra has a unique and innovative choreography style and skill producing a successful long list of dance awards from all types of pieces including individual, group or large scale productions. Her work and her dancers have been showcased with performances in Canada, US, England, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, New Zealand and Thailand. She has been a driving force in the dance competition scene and is a sought after technical teacher and adjudicator, encouraging and mentoring the next generations of dancers who want to achieve the skill level necessary to reach their personal goals. Her expertise and love of the dance has influenced so many others.


Aszure Barton – Graduated from the National Ballet School. Currently operates Aszure and Artists New York based Dance Company.

Charissa Barton – Graduated from The Julliard School in New York city and is dancing with Aszure and Artists. Practitioner and teacher of the Rising Star Healing Modality.

Cherice Barton – Graduate and danced for Alberta Ballet, Les Ballet Jazz Montreal and on Faculty at the Broadway Dance Center in New York city.

Christina Bodie – graduate of Julliard in New York, 5th season with BJM Danse formerly known as Les Ballet Jazz Montreal

Matt Cantelon – dancer and choreographer in Vancouver for Gina Williams.

Nesta Chapman – Graduate of the American Musical Theatre Arts program in New York City. Currently a stuntwoman for movies in Vancouver.

Cathryn Croft – Artistic Coach for Cirque du Soleil and owner of Cathryn Croft Production company.

Sandi Croft – Dancer in Celine Dion’s show “A New Day” and is currently a marketing representative for Jean Ann Ryan Productions for auditions and castings and is with the “O” Cirque du Soleil Show in Las Vegas.

Darren Devaney – Graduated from the Boston Conservatory Dance Program. A freelance dancer across North America, guest artist at BC Ballet Co.

Amanda Gray – Performs with the Canadian Pacific Ballet Company

Darren Devaney – Graduated from the Boston Conservatory Dance Program. A freelance dancer across North America, guest artist at BC Ballet Co.

Vicky St. Denys – One of Canada’s leaders in the field of jazz dance. She is currently Co Director of the Dance Program at Ryerson College in Toronto.

Darryl Hodgins – Owner of Dance Power Competitions

Shauna Hoskin – Trained at the Alvin Ailey school in New York city. Danced as a rockette, and in the broadway musical “The Producers”. Currently she is touring “Young Frankenstein”.

Lindsay Kramer – Graduated from the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts in Toronto and performed in the Musical Theatre production of “Beauty and the Beast”. She is now a faculty instructor at the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts and teaches at the Rhythm Dance Studio in Toronto.

Tyrel Larson – Graduated from the National Ballet School and is currently a soloist for the Kevin O’Day National Theatre Ballet of Mannheim in Mannheim Germany.

Hamish Murray – Past performer with Raw Metal Dance Company and is currently performing in Australia as a tap percussionist.

Charlotte O’ Dowd – Graduated from the National Ballet School and is currently a featured dancer in “Love” by Cirque du Soleil.

Jeannette Sellick – Toured in musicals such as “Grease” Europe. Currently a singer and entertainer in Las Vegas.

Wes Sellick – Performed all over the world and is currently pursuing a dance/acting career in Los Angeles.

Allison Toffan – Graduated from the Musical Theatre program at Sheridan College. Currently she is a free lance tapper out of Toronto and produces her own shows.

Lindsay Thomas – Graduated from the Musical Theatre program at Sheridan College. A Canadian musical theatre star of “Hairspray” and “Jersey Boys” to name just a few of the many musicals she performed in. She passed away of lung cancer.

Jamie Thompson – Danced in LA and Paul McCartney tour. Is currently a free lance dancer in Canada.

Christianne Ullmark – Graduated from Ryerson College dance program in Toronto. Currently is still dancing in Toronto and on tour around the world.


  • Mandy Adams: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Laurie Alston: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Theresa Bayrock: Dance Instructor Edmonton
  • Joey Bothwell: Actress and Dance Instructor Vancouver
  • Barb Boudreault: Dance Instructor / Urban Fashion Group
  • Lana Cahoon: Dance Instructor California
  • Robyn Comeau: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Debbie England: Dance Instructor Edmonton
  • Camille Hannah: Cruise ship dancer
  • Elan Hannah: Cruise ship dancer
  • Michelle Hughes: Personal Trainer
  • Amber Gillespie: Dance Instructor
  • Jeff Kazmerak Retzlaf: Cruise ship dancer
  • Nicole Kittlitz: Dance Instructor Edmonton
  • Tara Kobitowich: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Samantha Koebel: Cruise ship dancer, Dance Instructor for SGSD
  • Jill Koper: Cruise ship dancer
  • Tina Koper: Cruise ship dancer, dance instructor Italy
  • Dean Kuly: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Alicia Lakey: Dance Instructor Edmonton
  • Mikki Larson: Dancer in Mexico, Dance Instructor for SGSD
  • Kirsten Marcotte: Physiotherapist for dancers
  • Sherri Mulcahy: Dance Instructor SGSDance
  • Kerri Neitsch: Dance Educator for Edmonton Public
  • Ellen O’Dowd: Cruise dancer and Dance Captain
  • Jody Polyzniuk: Dance Instructor SGSDance
  • Tara Rocky Fawcett: Studio Owner Tara’s Dance Academy Consort AB
  • Amanda Ryan: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Andy and Tina Sjwed: Owners of Dance FX Studio
  • Shauna Small Weaver: Dance Educator for Edmonton Public
  • Jacqueline Smith: Dance Instructor Vancouver
  • Katie Taschuk: Dancer in Mexico
  • Trish Tennant: Dance Instructor Alberta
  • Shari Vanderwoude: Owner of Dance Theme
  • Lisa Van Mechelen: Owner of Dancing Dance Pro Co.
  • Melissa Watt: In training – Toronto Dance Theatre
  • Janice Winter: Owner of Edmonton Dance Factory
  • Tannis Waller: Cruise ship performer and Dance captain
  • Bridget Henderson Whitney: Dance Instructor and MT performer USA
  • Marie Zydek: Model/Actress
  • Gillian Mayhew: Dance Instructor
  • Nicole McLeod: Dance Instructor Alberta